Willingshofer GmbH is interested and stand to innovation and reliability. We meet the increasing demands of the market together with our customers, from cooperative development to uninterrupted production and culminating in timely delivery and installation. Confirmed by long-term business relations with leading companies of the Austrian industry.

Depending on the task at hand, our highly qualified employees produce at the most modern machines in order to meet the requirements of our customers in an optimal technical and economical solution.

As a long-standing family-run company, we strive for long-term and sustainable success. 

Sustainability – Economy

Due to solid equity basis, Willingshofer is independent and strategically committed to long-term success. The achievement of long-term targets is paramount. Continuous training and professional development, as well as investments in new technologies, ensure competitiveness and profitability.

Sustainablity – Ecology

Social sustainability is reflected in the social responsibility for safety and employee satisfaction.

Sustainablity– Social responsibility
Active environmental and resource saving concepts should take into account the needs of current and future generations.