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Honouring of valued employees (15th December 2017)

At the annual Christmas party, long-serving employees of Willingshofer GmbH were in the spotlight and honoured for their continued activity and loyalty.

The management expresses its gratitude and appreciation by all celebrating an anniversary.

Anniversary – 25 years
Manfred Pötz, Metalwork technician
Anniversary – 20 years
Gottfried Stelzer, Metalwork technician
Anniversary – 15 years
Andreas Doppelhofer, Metalwork technician
Anniversary – 10 years
Martin Almer, Head of mechanical production
Andreas Ebner, Metalwork technician
Gößlbauer Stefan, Metalwork technician
Herbert Pöllabauer, Machining technician
Martin Pöllabauer, Machining technician
Manfred Weinfurter, Production department manager
Fabio Scherf, Michael Mandl, GF DI Siegfried Willingshofer (Foto Fischer-Graz)
Foto Fischer-Graz
Stars of Styria 2017– Apprentices 2017 (11th October 2017)

Red carpet, honour and applause on October 11, 2017 in the Weiz Chamber of Commerce. The main attention was paid to "Stars of Styria", who have passed their final examinations with distinction.

We are especially proud that there are two “Stars” in our ranks.

We congratulate Fabio Scherf (metalwork and mechanical technician) and Michael Mandl (metalwork and mechanical technician) for having successfully passed their final exams.

Greeting new apprentices 2017 (1st September 2017)
Greeting new apprentices 2017

We are happy to welcome again this year 2 new apprentices in our company!
Florian Auer and Christoph Brödl study metalworking with a focus on mechanical engineering.  

We wish you a successful beginning of professional life and safe apprenticeship!