For 100 years here for you


Foundation of the company by Michael Willingshofer (great-grandfather) in 1908 in the form of a leased smithy. Here were artisan activities carried out and worked a blacksmith and a cart smithy.

from 1930

In the 30s, Michael Willingshofer (grandfather) purchased this leased smithy. The first innovative products were developed and built. Even then, the workshop had modern machines, such as turning lathe and gas welding machine.


In the 50s and 60s the intensive sale of agricultural products (motor scythes, motor saws, tractors, ...).

Since the beginning of the 60s Siegfried Willingshofer joined the family business. At this time in the foreground there were locksmith's and blacksmith's works (stair railing, burial crosses, balcony railings, ...)


Siegfried and Margareta Willingshofer took over the management of the company. First contacts and orders for renowned large companies, such as Veitscher Magnesitwerke and Vogel & Noot. Primarily work in the blacksmith's and locksmith's areas provided the work of the company.


The first major expansion of production was carried out. The fields of agricultural machinery and steelwork were divided. A production hall with an area of 800 sq.m was built.

Gerhard Willingshofer joined the company.
Andrea Feichtenhofer (born Willingshofer) joined the company.

During this time, trade and repair of agricultural machinery led to a significant increase in turnover. Intensified cooperation with industrial companies.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, conveyor systems for gravel and talc plants were built. Meanwhile, the company has established itself as a toll manufacturer for producers of agricultural machinery and other large companies.

Company reorganization into a GmbH & CoKG.
Expansion of office and welfare facilities. At this time, leading industrial companies are already among its customers.
DI Siegfried Willingshofer joined the company.

The first phase of expansion with an additional production area (1,200 sq.m), office buildings (200 sq.m) and social areas.

August 2001
The management take-over by the siblings Willingshofer/Feichtenhofer in 4th generation.

Constant expansion of the CNC machinery (CNC microplasma cutting machine, CNC bending machine 320to, CNC lathe, CNC milling center).

October 2006
Reorganisation in Willingshofer GmbH.

May 2007
Concentration of mechanical production in a new production hall with an area of 800 sq.m. Purchase of CNC travel stand milling machine for processing lengths up to 7 m. Expansion of crane capacities.

February 2008
Distribution partner for Steyr-Case ICH, launching of SGA Landtechnik Handels- und Reparatur GmbH.

Purchase of the Kopp grounds (2,000 sq.m) as a construction site for expansion of production in the future.

Structural expansion of the production hall (1,500 sq.m) at the former Kopp grounds. Expansion of the machinery (laser cutting machine, sheet metal paternoster with 100 automatic storage spaces for sheet metal, expansion of crane capacities).

Acquisition of two CNC universal bed-type milling machines. Expansion of the production hall with integrated painting and drying areas.

Construction of a new office building. Installation of ERP system and purchase of other CNC milling machines.

Purchase of the Landring branch in Gasen, including a petrol station.

Update of a CNC bar cutting machine.

  • Comprehensive production expansion at
    1,300 sp.m (commissioning and assembly hall).
  • Expansion of automatic sheet storage for 110 storage spaces.
  • Purchase of CNC milling machine, CNC auto lathe and profile bending machine.
  • Installation of two photovoltaic power plant
    (220 kW in total) with personal use of 85%.
  • Construction of company-owned transformer station with 1,250 kVA.